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Effective home remedies to eradicate bed bugs

The good news about bed bugs is not known to transmit any disease or illness. The bad news is that they are little stubborn critters that can survive for more than one year without eating. Bed bugs are normally hidden in the nooks and crannies of furniture such as beds and couches, waiting to take a bite of you. You can use one of the few home remedies with much perseverance and diligence to effectively eradicate bed bugs.

Method Heat
Wash everything in their house using water of 113 degrees Fahrenheit or more for at least one hour. This means that everything, not only clothes and linens, but sliding covers, curtains and tablecloths, as well. Anything with folds where you could hide a Bedbug or Bedbug eggs must be thrown in the washer or boiled in a pot on the stove for an hour. Iron or dry all articles of fabric over high heat for added protection.

Method of freezing
If it is winter and you live somewhere where temperatures fall below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, start their items out, and don't forget your bed mattress. Hang all fabric items in a branch of a tree or the clothing line and rest your mattress against the side of the House or a tree. Flip and rotate individual items every few days to expose all sides. Bed bugs are required at least 4 days of exposure to subzero temperatures before dying. The period of exposure any longer and colder, the most effective efforts will be.

Method of garbage
If you were ever tempted to get rid of your mattress or couch, now would be the time. Plastic tape around the sides of the furniture, effectively trapping bugs inside the plastic. If you cannot carry the issue directly to the landfill, be sure to place a sign outside before dropping it on the sidewalk. A warning signal prevents that someone would take without knowing it, the item home and experiencing an infestation.

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Various home remedies to remove bed bugs

home remedies to remove bed bugs

If you need home remedies to remove bed bugs, in this note we will give them to know all the proven methods so that they can remove this small vermin from their homes (in a practical and economical way).

Bed bugs are insects of flat shape and a bright caramel color that often colonize mattresses, beds, legs, cracks and backs of bed, among other places. These are usually hiding others look, but are always located near their food, which is the blood. They move quickly and attack in the hours of sleep, so if we feel itching and try to turn on the light, will no longer be there.

But... not panicking because there are various home remedies to eliminate bed bugs.

Home remedies include:

  • Water vapor: normally use a device that is used to iron clothes on hangers. By pressing a small button begins to emanate a large number of gaseous particles at high temperature that kills them in a few minutes.
  • Aim: it is a method used to get rid of all kinds of insects and mites; it serves as a complement to the previous (vaporization). If you have certain accessories to reach small spaces do not hesitate to use them.
  • Isopropyl alcohol: put this in a spray bottle and spread by clothing, furniture and curtains, this will only kill bed bugs that are on the surface, although it won't which are hidden.
  • Washing and drying at high temperatures: place all whiten it, even curtains, in a lava- dryer with heat, this is an effective and economical system to eradicate the annoying creatures.
  • Spray with lavender and Rosemary: put in spray container water with a few small drops of aromatic oils, any penetrating smell grass, and spray the places where we know that they tend to take refuge.

All these methods have a relative effect, since if they are inside the mattresses, nothing can already do; but in fact if! Get rid of this and buy a new one because, otherwise, will always be a recurring problem: the hidden eggs will soon progress to nymphs, and then adult bugs.

Bites, although they do not refer serious illnesses, tend to leave signs of their action that vary according to each guest, but in general are like dots lined up in different parts of the body. Many people who have pets to confuse them with flea bites, so it is suitable to be sure and rule out their presence in our homes.

Now that they learned how to eliminate bed bugs from a home, it only remains to say at work!

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Effective home remedies for bed bugs-ending

To end up with bed bugs home remedies include some items, food, and things that are within reach of the hand in any home, and can make a difference to end this plague.
complete home remedies for bed bugs - end

Home remedies for bed bugs-ending

Evenings can be a problem with bed bugs. These parasites feed on human blood. You can develop Red blisters, itching and pain when these parasites bite. It is certainly detrimental to sleep on mattresses invaded with these small irritating pests.
However, it is not a solution to change the mattress. On the other hand, certain simple and homemade remedies may end up with this problem. Bed bugs do not develop if alone at home, since the dirt can lead to the automatic appearance of bugs, these have to be carried home by any means.

Steam is a very effective natural remedy for bed bugs-ending



Steam is a simple home remedy for bed bugs-ending. This home remedy is influenced by the method of pest control adopted by professional companies. Bed bugs cannot withstand a higher temperature than the somewhat. Therefore, it is a good choice to use hot steam (120 degrees or more) directly on the mattress. Bed bugs are exterminated due to these high temperatures.

It helps to eliminate the eggs of bed bugs

This home remedy is so popular, since it can also kill these insects’ eggs. However, this method remains valid provided the number of bugs in your bed is not alarming. If the bed bugs have already grown up and reproduce, largely, all of them may not die with steam. There is always the fear that some may have survived. Therefore, this home remedy is effective in the initial stages of the invasion of mattresses with bed bugs.

Turmeric powder to finish with bed bugs

Turmeric powder to finish with bed bugs


Turmeric is an enemy of bed bugs. Rub the powder of turmeric on the mattress. Turmeric contains Curcumin. This agent is a powerful antimicrobial agent that creates unfavorable conditions for the survival of insects on the bed.
This restricts the supply of oxygen inside the mattresses. The insects are trapped and die due to an insufficient supply of oxygen. This may seem surprising, but it is true. Turmeric powder is an effective home remedy to kill bed bugs.

The Sun an ally to complete with bed bugs

As mentioned above, bed bugs cannot withstand high temperatures. If all the insects do not die with the steam, you can be Sun your mattress all day. More than 90 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature can wipe out all insects. If you keep your mattress in the direct sun, which is heated to temperatures exceeding the 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it is a simple home remedy for bed bugs-ending.

Mint to finish with pests

Mint to finish with pests


Peppermint oil offers an odor that causes allergy in insects that live in the bed. This oil is an effective home remedy for bed bugs-ending. The Mint is very powerful, it will prevent foul-smelling bugs from polluting your home and garden.
Some other oils such as the lavender also help to end up with bed bugs with success. The smell of these oils is irresistible for these pests. However, you need to be sure of one thing, while the use of these home remedies. You need to be sure that you or the members of the family are not allergic to the smell of any of these oils. If not, these are some of the best ways of killing bugs in the bed with ease. Here you can see a homemade recipe to prepare your own oil of mint home.

Alcohol to eliminate bed bugs

Bed bugs cannot grow in acidic conditions. Isopropyl alcohol creates adverse conditions and opposite to the bed bugs. This results in the eventual extermination of these parasites. However, this is not an instant process. It is necessary to repeat this home remedy 6-7 days in order to put an end to all the insects that are in the room or on the bed.

Clove to finish with bed bugs

The nail is a common spice that may end up with bed bugs. This home remedy is not so popular. However, it is an effective home remedy to kill bed bugs. This spice oil contains penetrating agents smell those are acidic in nature.

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Simple Home remedies for killing bed bugs

Cimex lectularius, also known as bugs, are small, nocturnal insects that feed on blood. These insects live in mattresses, bedding, clothing and curtains. Bed bugs can be put in the House used furniture, clothing or guests. Apartment life, the work on the homes of other people or traveling to areas infested also can bring bed bugs home. Victims of the Bedbug bites cannot be aware of a sting at the time, but hours later discover an infection, hives or allergic reactions. Bed bugs can be killed and removed from your home with simple home remedies.
simple home remedies for killing bed bugs


  1. Vacuum all areas containing the bed bugs to eliminate the greatest number possible.
  2. Spray alcohol in all infected areas. Rubbing alcohol kills bed bugs on contact.
  3. The use of a steam cleaner commercial at the level of higher heat, clean all areas infested with bed bugs.
  4. Dry any items infected such as clothing or rugs, in the dryer on the highest temperature for at least 20 minutes. At least 48.9 degrees C extreme heat kills bed bugs quickly. This must be repeated for all the elements that can be placed in the dryer.
  5. Wrap mattresses with mattress pads made of vinyl or fabric swirling all the senses. This prevents insects from entering or leaving the mattress. Pillows can be washed at high temperature or can be covered with a similar vinyl or fabric with zipper cover all the way around.
  6. Clean the House to remove dead bugs. Be sure to vacuuming around the House and seal all holes, pipes or cracks in the walls. Rub all surfaces and clean the inside of the furniture that may be infested.
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Best home remedies for bed bugs

best home remedies for bed bugs
Bed bugs are tiny insects that multiply quickly and pollute the place in a short time, and the most common is to find them in the beds of places little care or have poor hygiene.
In this article we will discuss different home remedies for bed bugs and some very useful tips to rid you of these pesky insects.

The best home remedies for bed bugs

  1. Garlic: It is the garlic is one of the remedies for bed bugs more effectively. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and four cloves of garlic, crushed and shredded to spray them in areas where you know who they are, you be rid of them right away.
  2. Mint: You can use Peppermint essential oil or boil a few leaves of mint in water for ten minutes, fill a spray bottle and spread it around the House. Bed bugs will die in the Act.
  3. Catnip: If you have purchased the plant powder, sprinkle it around the House, or if not to mix it with water and spread it with a spray bottle. Bed bugs will rapidly flee.
  4. Steam: This remedy for bedbugs in the bed is quite effective. You have to heat water until boiling, which reaches a very high temperature. Then place the water in a basin on the mattress and the steam will take care of eliminating them.
  5. Curcuma: If you have turmeric powder, spreading it to the mattress and to come into contact with her bed bugs will die in a few seconds.
  6. Sun: Another good remedy to eliminate bed bugs in the bed has removed the mattress and allows it to the Sun all day, because these insects do not withstand high temperatures.
  7. Alcohol: Spray alcohol by areas where bed bugs are moved or their nest, and will die very soon because cannot with odors and acidic flavors.
  8. Clove: Place cloves in areas where you know that there are bugs and the smell will be unpleasant and harmful, so it will die quickly.

Natural tips for bed bugs

Apart from these home remedies, we also suggest:
  • You have a clean house, because bugs come to households with high accumulation of dust or where there is very little space, so it is not advisable to have many furniture in a room.
  • Vacuuming by furniture, including mattresses
  • Change the mattress every ten years, not only for your convenience but also the passage of time makes the mattress an additive for bed bugs.
  • Remove pads and mattresses from time to time in the Sun.
  • If you have bed bugs, locate the nest and delete it with any of the above mentioned remedies.
We hope that these home remedies for bed bugs, but we are sure that on our website you will find other home remedies that you will also be useful as remedies for moths or remedies for ants as well as our remedies for spiders . For more information like how to get rid of bed bugs, visit: