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Effective home remedies to eradicate bed bugs

The good news about bed bugs is not known to transmit any disease or illness. The bad news is that they are little stubborn critters that can survive for more than one year without eating. Bed bugs are normally hidden in the nooks and crannies of furniture such as beds and couches, waiting to take a bite of you. You can use one of the few home remedies with much perseverance and diligence to effectively eradicate bed bugs.

Method Heat
Wash everything in their house using water of 113 degrees Fahrenheit or more for at least one hour. This means that everything, not only clothes and linens, but sliding covers, curtains and tablecloths, as well. Anything with folds where you could hide a Bedbug or Bedbug eggs must be thrown in the washer or boiled in a pot on the stove for an hour. Iron or dry all articles of fabric over high heat for added protection.

Method of freezing
If it is winter and you live somewhere where temperatures fall below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, start their items out, and don't forget your bed mattress. Hang all fabric items in a branch of a tree or the clothing line and rest your mattress against the side of the House or a tree. Flip and rotate individual items every few days to expose all sides. Bed bugs are required at least 4 days of exposure to subzero temperatures before dying. The period of exposure any longer and colder, the most effective efforts will be.

Method of garbage
If you were ever tempted to get rid of your mattress or couch, now would be the time. Plastic tape around the sides of the furniture, effectively trapping bugs inside the plastic. If you cannot carry the issue directly to the landfill, be sure to place a sign outside before dropping it on the sidewalk. A warning signal prevents that someone would take without knowing it, the item home and experiencing an infestation.

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