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Various home remedies to remove bed bugs

home remedies to remove bed bugs

If you need home remedies to remove bed bugs, in this note we will give them to know all the proven methods so that they can remove this small vermin from their homes (in a practical and economical way).

Bed bugs are insects of flat shape and a bright caramel color that often colonize mattresses, beds, legs, cracks and backs of bed, among other places. These are usually hiding others look, but are always located near their food, which is the blood. They move quickly and attack in the hours of sleep, so if we feel itching and try to turn on the light, will no longer be there.

But... not panicking because there are various home remedies to eliminate bed bugs.

Home remedies include:

  • Water vapor: normally use a device that is used to iron clothes on hangers. By pressing a small button begins to emanate a large number of gaseous particles at high temperature that kills them in a few minutes.
  • Aim: it is a method used to get rid of all kinds of insects and mites; it serves as a complement to the previous (vaporization). If you have certain accessories to reach small spaces do not hesitate to use them.
  • Isopropyl alcohol: put this in a spray bottle and spread by clothing, furniture and curtains, this will only kill bed bugs that are on the surface, although it won't which are hidden.
  • Washing and drying at high temperatures: place all whiten it, even curtains, in a lava- dryer with heat, this is an effective and economical system to eradicate the annoying creatures.
  • Spray with lavender and Rosemary: put in spray container water with a few small drops of aromatic oils, any penetrating smell grass, and spray the places where we know that they tend to take refuge.

All these methods have a relative effect, since if they are inside the mattresses, nothing can already do; but in fact if! Get rid of this and buy a new one because, otherwise, will always be a recurring problem: the hidden eggs will soon progress to nymphs, and then adult bugs.

Bites, although they do not refer serious illnesses, tend to leave signs of their action that vary according to each guest, but in general are like dots lined up in different parts of the body. Many people who have pets to confuse them with flea bites, so it is suitable to be sure and rule out their presence in our homes.

Now that they learned how to eliminate bed bugs from a home, it only remains to say at work!

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