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Best home remedies for bed bugs

best home remedies for bed bugs
Bed bugs are tiny insects that multiply quickly and pollute the place in a short time, and the most common is to find them in the beds of places little care or have poor hygiene.
In this article we will discuss different home remedies for bed bugs and some very useful tips to rid you of these pesky insects.

The best home remedies for bed bugs

  1. Garlic: It is the garlic is one of the remedies for bed bugs more effectively. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and four cloves of garlic, crushed and shredded to spray them in areas where you know who they are, you be rid of them right away.
  2. Mint: You can use Peppermint essential oil or boil a few leaves of mint in water for ten minutes, fill a spray bottle and spread it around the House. Bed bugs will die in the Act.
  3. Catnip: If you have purchased the plant powder, sprinkle it around the House, or if not to mix it with water and spread it with a spray bottle. Bed bugs will rapidly flee.
  4. Steam: This remedy for bedbugs in the bed is quite effective. You have to heat water until boiling, which reaches a very high temperature. Then place the water in a basin on the mattress and the steam will take care of eliminating them.
  5. Curcuma: If you have turmeric powder, spreading it to the mattress and to come into contact with her bed bugs will die in a few seconds.
  6. Sun: Another good remedy to eliminate bed bugs in the bed has removed the mattress and allows it to the Sun all day, because these insects do not withstand high temperatures.
  7. Alcohol: Spray alcohol by areas where bed bugs are moved or their nest, and will die very soon because cannot with odors and acidic flavors.
  8. Clove: Place cloves in areas where you know that there are bugs and the smell will be unpleasant and harmful, so it will die quickly.

Natural tips for bed bugs

Apart from these home remedies, we also suggest:
  • You have a clean house, because bugs come to households with high accumulation of dust or where there is very little space, so it is not advisable to have many furniture in a room.
  • Vacuuming by furniture, including mattresses
  • Change the mattress every ten years, not only for your convenience but also the passage of time makes the mattress an additive for bed bugs.
  • Remove pads and mattresses from time to time in the Sun.
  • If you have bed bugs, locate the nest and delete it with any of the above mentioned remedies.
We hope that these home remedies for bed bugs, but we are sure that on our website you will find other home remedies that you will also be useful as remedies for moths or remedies for ants as well as our remedies for spiders . For more information like how to get rid of bed bugs, visit: