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Simple Home remedies for killing bed bugs

Cimex lectularius, also known as bugs, are small, nocturnal insects that feed on blood. These insects live in mattresses, bedding, clothing and curtains. Bed bugs can be put in the House used furniture, clothing or guests. Apartment life, the work on the homes of other people or traveling to areas infested also can bring bed bugs home. Victims of the Bedbug bites cannot be aware of a sting at the time, but hours later discover an infection, hives or allergic reactions. Bed bugs can be killed and removed from your home with simple home remedies.
simple home remedies for killing bed bugs


  1. Vacuum all areas containing the bed bugs to eliminate the greatest number possible.
  2. Spray alcohol in all infected areas. Rubbing alcohol kills bed bugs on contact.
  3. The use of a steam cleaner commercial at the level of higher heat, clean all areas infested with bed bugs.
  4. Dry any items infected such as clothing or rugs, in the dryer on the highest temperature for at least 20 minutes. At least 48.9 degrees C extreme heat kills bed bugs quickly. This must be repeated for all the elements that can be placed in the dryer.
  5. Wrap mattresses with mattress pads made of vinyl or fabric swirling all the senses. This prevents insects from entering or leaving the mattress. Pillows can be washed at high temperature or can be covered with a similar vinyl or fabric with zipper cover all the way around.
  6. Clean the House to remove dead bugs. Be sure to vacuuming around the House and seal all holes, pipes or cracks in the walls. Rub all surfaces and clean the inside of the furniture that may be infested.
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